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There's more than one way to navigate the Queen City, as we learned from talking to a newbie and a native (well, practically -- he's lived here for thirty years). Here, two ways to live in the city they both call home.


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The Longtimer

Age: 52
Profession: Owner of The Common Market, South End
Residence: Poplar Apartment Condominiums at the corner of Tenth and Poplar streets, in the Fourth Ward
Years in the city: 30

"I initially came to Charlotte for a job, but I stayed for the people. If it were just about the amenities, I probably would have left a long time ago. But it's about the people, the relationships, and the spirit. My Charlotte is very personal."

East/West LYNX Station, Camden Rd.

"Here's a great way to spend an hour with a buddy: walk along the street closest to the mosaic and study the details of it. Then, cross the street, make your way back to your starting point, and take in the big picture. It's an interesting process of discovery."

I-277 bridge

"One of my favorite places to bike. There's never any traffic, so you can stop and take in the view of the city. I've always wanted to have a dinner party there."

Jean Tinguely's Cascade, Carillon Tower lobby
227 W. Trade St.

"I like taking people from out of town to see this sculpture. There's a lot of accessible public art in the city if you look for it." 

Little Hardware
1400 S. Mint St.

"It's really designed for contractors, but I go anyway because the staff is so helpful."

Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

"Our library system is one of the best things about the community. I'm a big fan of the request feature that lets you order books from other locations."

Harris Teeter on Central Avenue
1704 Central Ave.

"I've learned that I have to go in with a cocktail party attitude. I always run into tons of people I know, so it takes at least twenty minutes longer to get my shopping done." 

2121 Shamrock Dr.

"Great neighborhood spot. The food is good, the prices are reasonable, and the staff members are friendly. I get the turkey Reuben, with a side of fried okra."

The Common Market
1515 S. Tryon St.

"This one is a given. I really believe that people want local, and they want things they can be proud of and feel a part of. That's what The Common Market is all about."

Dollar Tree
3301 Freedom Dr.

"The Target of dollar stores."

2710 N. Brevard St.

"The food is delicious, even though it's literally a shack in the middle of a parking lot. You have to eat your burger in your car, but it's so worth it."

The Charlotte Observer Food Section

"The editor does a great job of combining local and national. It's so well put-together — especially considering that it's done on a shoestring budget."

The Newcomer

Age: 27
Profession: Graduate student in the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Residence: Shares a house on Poindexter Drive in Sedgefield with two roommates.
Years in Charlotte: One

"I came to Charlotte primarily for school, but also because I missed the South. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2004, and then lived in Washington, D.C., and France. Both were wonderful, but I enjoy the warm weather and culture and kindness of folks in the South."

Nolen Kitchen
2839 Selwyn Ave.

"This is a great local spot. It's usually the same crowd, with lots of people from the neighborhood. I like to go for dinner and then stay for the rest of the night."

Dilworth Coffee
1235 East Blvd.

"Grad students need good coffee and Internet access, so it's ideal for me."

Trader Joe's
1133 Metropolitan Ave.

"There's such a good selection. The produce is great and so are the frozen foods. It makes it really easy to pick up healthy meals that don't take long to prepare."

6809 Phillips Place Ct.

"I think this is the best store in Charlotte. Since I'm on a student's budget, though, I can't always afford it. I hit up the sales as much as I can."

Pewter Rose
1820 South Blvd.

"Definitely my favorite place for Sunday brunch. I love the bananas Foster French toast."

Luxury Nails
4832 Park Rd.

"So cheap! It's only $27 for a manicure and a pedicure. If I feel the need to treat myself, this is the place to go."

Freedom Park

"Perfect place for a bike ride. It's really close to my house, so I try to take advantage of that. Walks, picnics, hanging out with friends—any excuse to enjoy nice weather."

Big Daddy's Burger Bar
1626 East Blvd.

"My friends and I come here when we're in the mood for a seriously good burger, but the sweet potato fries alone are worth the trip."

400 E. Morehead St.

"I go every morning. It's nice that my schedule is flexible right now, because I can plan my workout around the pre- and postworkday rush. It's pretty quiet during midmorning."

3900 Colony Rd.

"I can always find cute shoes here. I bought a great pair of Tory Burch flats a few months ago, and a cute gold clutch recently."

Cantina 1511
1511 East Blvd.

"Good Mexican food, and even better margaritas." 

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