Hey, NYC Has Wine Bars, Too!

Never let it be said that this blog isn't diverse. Already this week we've covered sports, politics, and the media. Now, seeing as it's Friday, it's time for wine. We wrote in October about the proliferation here of great wine bars (that was a fun one to help report). Now we read in the New York Times that NYC has a bustling wine bar scene, too! For once, we seem on par, trendwise, with the gastronomic capital of the world. Doesn't that make you proud? I think we should all celebrate with a glass of wine.

Bonus: In case you don't click the link above, I didn't want you to miss this killer sentence in the Times piece: "No question about it, wine bars are no longer what they used to be." Now that is some serious insight, courtesy of the Grey Lady. No wonder they only won two Pulitzers this year.