Homemade Honey

Chris Edwards
Randall York checks on one the five hives he and Joanne Young have in their backyard.

Three years ago Joanne Young bought her longtime boyfriend Randall York a honeybee hive for Christmas. "He is into science kind of stuff, so I thought he might like it," says Young, who now runs a small business called Cloister Honey and owns thirteen hives with York. "We have had so much fun."

The couple operates the hives in three locations around the Charlotte area because hives in different places produce honey that tastes, smells, and even looks different. "It depends what foliage is in bloom in that area," says Young. Wherever the honey is coming from, it has been popular. Young and York sell bottles ranging in price from $6 to $10 year round on cloisterhoney.com and in the summer months at a booth at the corner of Trade and Tryon.

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