Hot Links for February 1

Welcome to the second edition of hot links, in which I link to interesting, informative stories from around the Web. Some of them are even about Charlotte.

Police watch for sex trafficking ahead of big game – AP This one is not about Charlotte. Thank goodness. Apparently, Super Bowls double as a mecca for prostitutes. Police says last year’s big game in Miami drew 10,000 prostitutes, many of them underage. What the what?! (Can’t help but wonder what political conventions attract…insert your own joke here.)

Can we just give up on middle school sports? – Charlotte Observer Tom Sorensen writes an eloquent column about the catch 22 of paying for middle school sports in CMS. Instead of just bloviating, Sorensen talked to Rickie Clark, athletics director at James Martin Middle School and passionate defender of athletics. At the end of the column, even though Sorensen writes that he cannot support paying for middle school sports, you find yourself going with Clark instead.

When introverts hold office – Mary Newsom’s The Naked City blog Newsom is covering the city council retreat, and she points out that the council’s facilitator observes that many of the folks on council are introverts, which can lead to communication problems.

The New Daily News – memo from new editor Larry Platt to his staff at the Philadelphia Daily News This is a long, ass-kicking, inspiring, and possibly naive memo about reinventing a tabloid newspaper in Philadelphia. Platt, the former editor of Philadelphia magazine, may have a juvenile (at best) sense of humor, but he’s a fine editor. I’d be curious to know the ink-stained wretches’ reaction to this epic missive. At the least, it’s refreshing to read a memo from a newspaper editor about doing good work, instead of one that’s mourning/celebrating those who lost their jobs, or how to do more with less.

Will Branson’s ‘Project’ Ignite? – Interesting piece about an apparently successful new iPad-only magazine from Richard Branson, the man behind Virgin.

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