How to Beautify Your Couch


OLIVIA SMITH STARTED as an intern at Traditions the summer before her senior year at Olivet Nazarene University, the Illinois school where she studied interior design. Three years ago, she returned to the team as a staff designer at the Park Road store. With a knack for beautifying any element of a home, Smith doesn’t compromise practicality for design. She knows just how to keep your couch comfortable and useful, while relying on pillows and throw blankets to take it up a notch.

“Don’t be afraid to use color and prints with your pillows,” Smith says. For these looks, she sticks to a general color scheme, but pulls in different patterns. “Just make sure they complement one another and don’t compete,” she says. “One pillow can have multiple colors in it, and you can just pull several colors from that one pillow to complete the look.”

Adding in a textured pillow and a throw blanket is an affordable way to add visual interest. “Layering something like a fur pillow with your traditional pillows is fun, and adds a new element to the look,” she says. “Put a throw blanket on the back of the couch, and that’s another way to liven the look.” 

Keep the size of your couch in mind when deciding how many pillows to have, Smith says, but four tends to be her golden number. “Putting two pillows on either end is always a great look,” she says. “If you have a smaller sofa, you can always do two matching pillows and throw in a third, different one, in the middle of the two.” 

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