How to Display Your Mums This Fall

Mums are popular during fall—almost too popular. Stand out with these creative display ideas

WHAT'S A FALL FRONT PORCH without mums sprouting from the sides? Mums, also known by their full name, chrysanthemums, are ideal for plant enthusiasts in the area because of the flower’s hardiness in our mild winter climate. Thriving in full sun and blooming in late summer, these vibrant perennials with cushy buds—ranging in hues from white to yellow, tangerine, red, fuschia, and pink—are quintessential fall flowers. Treat mums to a makeover with these unique decoration ideas. 

Living Arrangements (top)
Put your mums to work with spirited floral displays during fall holidays. Create a living centerpiece with orange mums for Halloween, or craft a living wreath for Thanksgiving by placing a variety of blooms into a damp foam wreath form. Just remember that living floral arrangements have an expiration date—mums live up to one month after being cut (as long as you keep them hydrated, of course).


No, it’s not a fond name for mom. A mumkin is an embarrassingly less-creative term, derived from the marriage of “mum” and “pumpkin.” Though you might be able to guess, mumkins are essentially pumpkins filled with mums. A chic Halloween decoration, mumkins breathe new life into the slimy squashes we dig our mini shivs into each year. You can add finesse to your festive decor by arranging mumkins to greet trick-or-treaters on front porch steps.

Creative Containers
Picture mum petals juxtaposing against the weathered texture of an empty whiskey barrel. Rustic and charming, this Southern solution for a mums container will turn heads. For a true gardener’s twist, consider reusing an old tin watering can or a vintage wheelbarrow. Bonus: Unexpected containers make for excellent conversation starters.

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