How to Explore Uptown Charlotte’s Public Art and Newest Murals

Check out Uptown Charlotte’s flourishing arts scene with a mini-tour of Center City’s museums, public art, and the newest murals created during Talking Walls 2018 and Charlotte SHOUT! 2019.

When you’re in Uptown, Charlotte’s culture is all around you at any given moment.

In the words of the Arts & Science Council, “Public art expresses the relationship between people and place.” And Charlotte, fortunately enough, is home to an inspiring collection of public art in Center City and beyond.

Looking for something to do when friends come into town or brainstorming fresh family outings with the kids? Creating your own mini-tour of Uptown Charlotte's art scene is a fantastic way to explore our rapidly growing city. On your mini mural tour, you'll see our city's rich history, diverse communities, and unique culture come to life. From the Mint Museum's lobby mural by the mysterious, masked ARKO + OWL, to John Hairston Jr​.'s triumphant SHOUT! mural at the Marriott, there's so much art to discover in the heart of Charlotte.


How to Tour the Uptown Arts Scene Yourself

It's easy to craft your own mini mural tour of Center City's vibrant works. Depending on who you're exploring with, your transportation options can vary from B-Cycle to scooter rentals to good, old-fashioned walking. No matter how you get around, the most important part is where you're headed (and, of course, the journey to get there).


3 Maps to Use

To start, check out the Arts & Science Council's Public Art Map (1). This printable brochure has a walking tour through the public art pieces in Uptown, so if you're not into concocting your own path, this is a great option.

Since this map was created in 2016, Charlotte's art scene has grown quite a bit—especially with the Talking Walls and Charlotte SHOUT! festivals adding new works in fall 2018 and summer 2019 respectively. Therefore, we also recommend you print out the 2019 Uptown Charlotte Map (2), which includes many public artworks plus selfie spots, parks, and more fun additions for your mini-tour. There is also a Talking Walls Map (3) with the murals produced during the festival.


15 Uptown Charlotte Murals & Public Art to Find

In addition to the public works listed on the maps linked above, below is a list of some of our favorite Uptown Charlotte murals and public artworks you can scout out on your own.

Those with an asterisk (*) were created during Talking Walls 2018.

Those with double asterisks (**) were created during Charlotte SHOUT! 2019. Read more about the festival here.


1. UNCC Tragedy Memorial by John Hairston Jr. & Mike Wirth**

Discovery Place Science, 301 N. Tryon Street


A post shared by John Hairston Jr. (@jagolactus_) on



2. Equity mural by Nick Napoletano*

Hal Marshall Annex, 618 N. Tryon Street


A post shared by Nick Napoletano 🎨 (@napoletanoart) on



3. Queen City mural by Matt Hooker and Matt Moore

The Local, 105 E. 5th Street


A post shared by Charlotte Magazine (@charlottemag) on



4. Salute by A.R. Ammons (from the Wall Poems series led by Amy Bagwell)

Dandelion Market, 118 W. 5th Street


A post shared by Dandelion Market (@dandelionmkt) on



5. Firebird by Niki de Saint Phalle

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, E. 7th Street


A post shared by Bechtler Museum of Modern Art (@thebechtler) on



6. Mother of Invention by Red Calaca Studio**

Discovery Place (exterior), 6th Street


A post shared by Charlotte Mural Monday (@cltmuralmonday) on



7. Murals by OBSOE and Dammit Wesley*

UNC Charlotte Center City's Perspective Gallery, 320 E. 9th Street


A post shared by Talking Walls (@talkingwallscharlotte) on



8. Boat and balloon mural by McMonster*

Alleyway, 200 S. Tryon Street


A post shared by MCMONSTER (MICK-MONSTER) (@mc__monster) on



9. Faces mural by Nick Napoletano

AerialCLT, 801 N. Tryon Street


A post shared by AerialCLT (@aerialclt) on



10. InnerVision mural by Hoxxoh*

InnerVision, 408 E. Trade Street


A post shared by hoxxoh (@hoxxoh) on



11. Terpsichore, Goddess of Dance mural by PichiAvo**

Charlotte Ballet, 10th and Tryon Streets


A post shared by Charlotte Magazine (@charlottemag) on



12. Sunflower mural by Sebastian Coolidge*

Hal Marshall building, 700 N. Tryon Street


A post shared by Talking Walls (@talkingwallscharlotte) on



13. Harvey B. Gantt Center by renowned architects The Freelon Group

Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts+Culture, 551 S. Tryon St.


A post shared by Harvey B. Gantt Center (@hbganttcenter) on



14. Fly Girl by  Sloane Siobhan**

Parking garage, 121 West Trade Street


A post shared by Sloane Siobhan (@namasteloner) on



15. Exciting times mural by Dammit Wesley*

Spirit Square, 345 N. College Street


A post shared by Dammit Wesley (@dammit_wesley) on


To learn more about Center City's museums and art scene, click here.

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