How to Have a Chance to Write for Charlotte Magazine


Earlier today, I had the honor of participating on a panel at the first arts journalism conference presented by the Charlotte Arts Journalism Alliance (of which Charlotte magazine is not a member). Observer Editor in Chief Rick Thames moderated our panel of writers and editors, and we we were tasked with informing the eager crowd of 100+ attendees on what editors are looking for. I thought it was an excellent discussion with lots of great questions from Rick and the audience and some great answers all around. 

The day before the panel, I thought about what I might have to offer. I came up with a list of a dozen "rules" (using that word loosely) that I think apply to anyone who desires to write for Charlotte magazine or Because of the nature of the panel discussion, I didn't get chance to share all of them. But then I was like, oh, hey, I have this blog! So here they are:

1. Meet Deadlines

2. Do the Work

3. Have a Voice

4. But Not Too Much of One

5. Work With Your Editor. Not Against Him (or Her)

6. Serve a Single Master: Our Reader

7. Turn in a Complete Draft. (I can't start editing until you are finished writing.)

8. Pitch Stories. Not Topics or People or Places or Things

9. But Not Something We've Already Done

10. And Not Something Someone Else Has Already Done

11. Have a Take

12. Meet Deadlines.

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