How to Use Feng Shui for Prosperity

The way you organize things inside your home can ignite an abundance of possibilities outside the home.

When people think of Feng Shui, they usually call to mind the idea that it will improve the flow of energy and make the space a generally healthier in which to exist (beginners can read our overview of the practice here). But did you know that can take the art one step further to specifically target certain areas of your life?

DeAnna Radaj is a local eco-shui design consultant who practices the Black Hat Sect School (Western) of Feng Shui. Essentially, the school uses a “Bagua chart” which is easiest pictured as a tic-tac-toe board with nine square areas. Each area is assigned a Life Area, which can be activated by a color, a shape, an element, and personal accessories.

The Abundance area, which corresponds to money, new growth, and abundance of opportunities, is located in the far left corner of your lot, floor plan, or room you are applying the technique to. The kitchen and bathroom both also apply to the Life Area, and Radaj says these two rooms are the first ones she tackles when doing a consultation for a client focusing on finances.

Generally speaking, Feng Shui — as it relates to abundance and prosperity — brings awareness to that which you want to attract in your life. It could be time for a Feng Shui makeover if your Abundance Life Area is cluttered with discarded, broken, or unused items. Perhaps there is an unused door or a blocked window. Maybe the landscaping is overgrown or barren. Radaj says, “Feng Shui can be quite literal.”


So, how do you utilize the Chinese Art of Placement for prosperity and abundance in your own home?


Remove clutter

First, go to the Abundance Life Area in your home (including the office, kitchen, and bathroom), and do some clutter-busting. Try Radaj’s first tip here for a no-nonsense approach. Then, evaluate what remains in the space, and if it doesn’t represent abundance to you, move it to a different Life Area where it’s appropriate.


Imagery is everything

Next, focus on bringing life into the space via colors and imagery. If the bathroom is in the area, you need to work a little harder to harness the energy positively (Radaj says, “You don’t want your finances ‘going down the drain!’”) Bright colors, upward sprouting plants with rounded edges (real or artwork), and proper lighting will all help. You can also place crystals or sun-catchers in windows to activate the natural light. She also says to make sure the doors are shut, the toilet seat is down, and there are covers on the drains.


Seek suggestive elements

Specific colors that activate the Abundance Life Area are purple, metallics, and green. Aim for free-flowing lines and organic shapes to represent the water element. Circular shapes and metal (reminiscent of money and jewelry… Get it?) are also helpful elements to incorporate.


Envision the expansion

Depending on what represents abundance to you, utilize that imagery in the Life Area. For one of Radaj’s clients, the first thing that came to mind was a field of blooming sunflowers. Thus, Radaj and the client went out and found two sunflower paintings for the client's Abundance Life Area and office. Radaj says that it’s a personal decision, so just think about what gives you a sense of expansion when you look at the picture or item.


Make it easy for new opportunity to enter your life

Last but not least, although your front door is not in the Abundance Life Area, you still need to treat it with importance. It corresponds with new opportunity entering your home and life. Make sure you cross the threshold at least once a day, even if it’s not the usual way you enter/leave your home. Also, keep the front sidewalk clear and easy-to-find with either noticeable address numbers or perhaps a garden flag. Think of this technique as welcoming new opportunity.

Though these tips are not a complete list of Feng Shui analysis, they will get you started in the right direction. Making these few small changes in your life are meant to bring awareness to your surroundings and how they impact your emotions and goals. You’d be surprised just how eye-opening the process can be! Bring on the prosperity.

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