I’ll Take Pop Culture for $400

If throwing back a couple of beers while challenging your buddies via Jeopardy-like questions sounds like the perfect night out on the town, you’re in luck. Trivia nights are more popular than ever in Charlotte, so we checked out a few (and got you some insider tips in the process) to help you get your game face on
Chris Edwards
Challenge yourself with pop trivia questions at Ed’s Tavern on Wednesday nights.

Ed’s Tavern

This place fills up quickly on trivia night, and for good reason: the topic du jour is often pop culture, a fan favorite by most accounts. Expect a mid-twenties and -thirties crowd that is usually so on top of its pop culture you might not get an answer in, so brush up on your Britney Spears factoids before you dive in.
Best night: Wednesday
Get there: By 8:30 p.m. for a table; questions start at 9:30 p.m.
Prizes: Bucket of beer for each round and $25 in Ed Bucks (to use on food, etc.) for the overall winner
2200 Park Rd., 704-335-0033

Dilworth Neighborhood Bar and Grill

This older crowd—twenty-five to forty—tries its hand at a mix of pop culture trivia with an emphasis on arts and entertainment. The host says she relies on a couple of websites to come up with the questions (hint: Mental Floss is one of them). Be warned, a table full of law students and another table full of softball buddies never miss a week. And they’re good!
Best night: Wednesday
Get there: By 8:30 p.m.; questions start at 9 p.m.
Prizes: Pitchers of beer and the final winner gets a gift certificate
911 E. Morehead St., 704-377-3808

Angry Ale’s

This popular bar on Montford (newly reopened after a fire in January) offers a mix of pop culture, movie, and music trivia. Especially fun in the warmer months because of the bar’s outdoor deck, Angry Ale’s draws a twenty- and thirty-something crowd. One caveat: you’ll see a lot of big teams here—trivia buffs who play nearly every week—that can take over the game.
Best night: Wednesday
Get there: By 8 p.m. for a table; questions start flying at 9 p.m.
Prizes: Bucket of beer for the winner of each round and overall winner receives a gift certificate
1600 Montford Dr., 704-525-3663

Petra’s Piano Bar

If you’re a fan of classic game shows (no whammies!) this favorite Plaza Midwood nightspot offers a twist on trivia that just might be for you. We’re talking old school Press Your Luck and The Dating Game.The crowd is a good mix of gay and straight, twenty- to forty-year-olds all looking for a lot of laughs.
Best Night: Thursday (it’s the only night trivia is offered)
Get there: By 8 p.m.; games start by 9 p.m. and contestants usually sign up in advance.
Prizes: Winners take home $100 cold hard cash.
1919 Commonwealth Ave., 704-332-6608

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