IMAX: Grand Canyon Adventure

In Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk, showing this month at Discovery Place’s IMAX Dome Theatre, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., ethno-botanist Wade Davis, and Native American guide Shana Watahomigie explore the nearly 300-mile gorge carved into the Southwestern United States by the mighty Colorado River. The Grand Canyon they show isn’t just a breathtakingly beautiful geographical formation—it’s also the source of much of the water in the Western U.S. As fresh water on Earth is gradually used up by population increase and inefficient methods of farming, the film shows a need to discover a way to preserve our natural resources. Music by Dave Matthews and narration by Robert Redford complete this relevant and hopeful tale of one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. See listing on page 46 for more details. Through April 30, IMAX Theatre
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