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A few city mags lay claim to being the first. This is not one of them, although it was launched forty years ago this fall (you'll be hearing more about that later this year). Whichever came first—Chicago, New York, Philadelphia—each was founded on essentially the same principles, which are principles this magazine shares: to tell great stories about its city, and to be of service to its readers.

This issue has both.

Writer Ken Garfield tells the story of John Cleghorn, whose career path has touched on the two pillars of Charlotte society—banks and churches (after an initial foray into journalism, before he wised up). Meanwhile, Cynthia Lewis writes about her two professions—teaching and tending bar. After years away from the latter, she was surprised by how much in common it had with the former.

On the service side of things, in our cover package, we tell you where to take your broken things and, hopefully, get them back in working order. In this disposable age, it's often easier to just toss that broken lamp or stereo or bicycle (or, in my case, it's an excuse to get a newer, fancier one). But it doesn't have to be that way. Writer Katie Pfeiffer, along with Associate Editor Blake Miller and interns Monica Jamouneau and Sarah Morse, toiled for two months to compile the list that starts on page 71. It's the first such list we've put together, and you can bet I'll be using it soon.

This time of year is crunch time for a certain set of Charlotte parents. Most private school applications are due around the end of January. A few months ago, Associate Editor Jarvis Holliday, with the help of summer interns as well as Jamouneau and Morse, began the arduous process of surveying every private school in the area. Their efforts culminate in the chart on pages 92 and 93. It's the first attempt we know of to put in one place this much information on Charlotte's private schools, and we think the list should serve as a helpful tool as parents make their selections. We also expect one or two friendly arguments to arise from our selection of Providence Day School as the region's top private school. Hey, someone has to be the best, right?

In the spirit of reader service, we've also redesigned our Web site. We actually launched the new site over the summer, but we've been steadily tweaking it and adding content. You'll find all of our restaurant and event listings there, plus popular features like the Top Doctors and last summer's crime series and news on current contests and promotions. We also have our own blog, which is our editorial staff's behind-the-scenes take on Charlotte (look for more blogs soon). Best of all, people can comment on most stories from this month's issue. —Richard Thurmond

Coming next month: Best Places to Meet People • Hunting Cougars • Symphony at a Crossroads

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