Insect Intruders: Why are ladybugs living in my house?

This non-native species took solace in some Charlotteans' warm homes this winter.

I thought I had a unique thing going.

When I tweeted that I had a ladybug colony living in my home, I didn't expect fellow Charlotte residents to chime in with their similar situations. I planned on charging $5 per head to view the circus-like ladybug spectacular in my master bathroom—where the six beetles recently took up residency—but it turns out my house guests weren't so unusual. Nothing to warrant a viewing fee, anyway.

At least two people resounded with some version of "same!" One commenter, digital marketer and blogger Kseniya Martin, said her group of ladybugs had chosen her home office. Depending on whether or not that room is on the south side of her home, we may have some answers.