It's… it's…. The CLOG!!!

Just as the Ministry of Magic tried to deny the reappearance of Lord Voldemort, I have been in firm denial about the return of the clog.

I had heard whispers and murmurs that clogs were appearing on runways, but I shut my ears and hummed the theme song to Duck Tails. I saw glimpses of their clunky forms in magazines and looked the other way and focused on the sound my streamlined stilettos make, clicking on the floor.  I simply didn’t want to believe it could be true.

But now, it seems I have no choice. Clogs are all around me and I am going to have to learn to accept them just like I had to accept leggings, skinny jeans, and trapeze dresses—all of which I now own and wear.

Unless, perhaps, clogs are destined to take the same path as other dubious re-emerged  trends like high-waisted pants, acid wash, and orthopedic-looking oxford lace-ups— that is, to be worn only by skinny, overly-styled waifs and hipsters who can pull off such shenanigans.

What do you think, Shop Talkers? Do clogs have what it takes to regain the kind of clout and ubiquity that they had back in the late 90s? Or did the existence and popularity of Crocs damage clog’s reputation permanently?  Do you still have a pair from the late 90s? Are you brave enough to don them once more? 


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