Jenn v. Sarah: Arm Warmers

Sarah’s thoughts:

I often go to Jenn for clothing advice, not because we have similar tastes (which, we do. On more than one occasion we have shown up for events in the EXACT. SAME. OUTFIT.), but because she tends to be the voice of reason in my fashion choices. When I’m thinking “Oh, I like all of the vibrant colors in this top,” Jenn is happy to point out “That top looks like a Missoni dress from the ’80s threw up on it.” And when I’m leaning towards that pretty satin pastel dress, Jenn is honest enough to point out that it looks an awful lot like Jessica McClintock. Ew.

So, obviously, when I had some hesitations about these arm warmers from Urban Outfitters, I went to Jenn. I love them. I want to wear them right now. Not for their arm warming factor obviously, as I actually own things like coats and sweaters to take care of that, but because they are so cool. In my mind I’d look edgy and hip and kind of like Kate Bosworth or Ashlee Simpson.

Jenn set me straight though:

Arm warmers?

Are you serious?

I mean, yeah, sure, it’s a great idea so long as the only bodily area you care about keeping warm is your forearms, which I guess might be important if you were, say, a professional arm wrestler. The ice cold fingers will certainly throw your opponent off gaurd. It’s also a wonderful accessory for those sad few who still think that Madonna’s Like a Virgin tour was the height of fashion.

It’s called a sweater. Wear one. And put on some damn mittens while you are at it.

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