Jenn v. Sarah: Fringe Boots

Sarah: So I am almost a certain I saw a pic of Mischa Barton wearing a version of these boots. Granted, hers were brown and went a little higher. But, well, a small part of me has always wanted to be Marissa Cooper. I see this as my chance.

Jenn: HOLY SCHNIKES! Sarah. I just saw these boots. I now am incapable of reading your unsound reasoning for wanting to wear these shoes because MY EYES ARE BLEEDING. What, pray tell, do you plan on wearing these with? I must know so that I can plan not to be seen with you.

Sarah: Ok, I’m just going to move right past how disgusting that “bleeding eyes” bit was. I see these being kind of a boho thing. I’d wear them with a dress. Or a skirt. Or maybe over tights. Yes, over tights. I like that.

Jenn: I just cannot imagine a single article of clothing that when paired with these boots wouldn’t look ridiculous except perhaps a buckskin mini dress and an invitation to a costume party.

Sarah: Yes, but just try for one moment to picture how very free spirited they look. I mean, if I tied a headband around my head and wore these, I would be one Woodstock attendance short of actually being a hippie.

Jenn: If you tie a headband around your head and wear these boots you are one accessory away from actually not being my friend anymore.

* If you agree with Sarah (or actually are going to a costume party in a buckskin mini dress) you can find these Sam Edelman boots at Belk at SouthPark mall.

(photo by Chris Edwards)

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