Jenn v. Sarah: Hippie Headbands

Sarah: So I know I’ve said this like a bazillion times before, but I love the boho/hippie/free spirt look—which is why more than anything I love the headband around the head thing that I keep seeing celebrities doing. And finally, this weekend, I saw people doing it in real life. I want to try it.

Jenn: Okay, so where exactly did you see these “real life people” wearing this look? Did you stop in at a commune on your way home from Harris Teeter? Oh, what’s that? You went to a DAVE MATTHEWS CONCERT. Well, forgive me, how could I ever challenge the fashion expertise that springs from a group of people who could give you a contact high just from brushing past you on the way to the beer stand?

Sarah: So you might be on to me. I was hoping we could move right past the “real life people” thing and you’d assume I’d just seen them out and about in Charlotte. But seriously, there were a lot of them. And they looked really good. I want to do it, but I have two problems. A) My hair is too short I fear. It’s necessary to have long, flowing locks to pull this one off. B) Most activities I participate in do not have the same fashion code as a DMB concert. I may have missed my one opportunity. On the other hand, Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie both totally wore this look for formal events.

Jenn: Wispy starlets, musicians’ daughters, and the like may wear whatever whimsical headwear they want. Those of us who drive SUV’s, shop more than 75% of the time at non-vintage and non-designer stores (like, GASP! Banana Republic), and who have a body fat percentage over .05% are going to have to resign ourselves to the fact that such accessories are just not appropriate.
The idea with across the forehead headbands is to make people say “Oh how free spirited and quirky she must be! Look how she floats through the air like a fairy!” Not, “Oh my, that poor girl. I wonder if she needs help finding the bathroom.”

Sarah: I think you’re going to eat your words when Banana Republic starts selling these headbands and I look awesome driving my SUV wearing one.

When that day comes, I will eat my words and buy you lunch.

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