Jenn v. Sarah: iPod Accessories

Sarah’s Thoughts:
I actually bought an iPod because I wanted one of these cute new “socks” by Apple for storing your iPod. Specifically, the blue sock ($29). I wanted it ever since I was standing in the iPod store, saw another girl pull it out of her purse, and realized that it would match my dress perfectly. That’s totally justification for buying an iPod right? Unfortunately, I’m not one to stop with a single accessory and so now I am the proud owner of the iPod armband and the Incase Protective Cover (in blue, of course) ($24.95). My thoughts? If you’re going to be carrying your music around in your handbag, it’s gotta look as good as it sounds.

You can find hip iPod gear at the Apple store at SouthPark Mall or online at

Jenn Responds:
A sock for your iPod? Puh-leeze. I was still rockin’ a Discman and non-bud earphones up until a year ago. I understand the allure of music that fits in your pocket, but do you really have to dress it up and take it to the prom too? I can see your reasoning for the arm band at the gym, it is a hassle to balance your iPod in your lap while you lift, but what if you are a song skipper? What if when I start my first set of pulldowns I am feeling jazzed by OK GO, but by the third set I need to be pumped up by Bell Viv Devoe? Un-velcro, remove from sleeve, change song, replace, re-velcro? I am annoyed just thinking about it. Here’s a better idea: take all that money you spent on trappings for your iPod and buy a Sirius Satelitte Radio instead. 130 channels, no commercials, and no specially sized blue socks required. It may not help you with your workouts, but on long road trips or rare moments when you really just need to hear some serious 80’s hair metal you’ll realize it’s one piece of technology you should have never been without.

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(photo courtesy of Apple)