Jenn v. Sarah: Jumpsuits

Jenn: Sooooo…. I just opened my email inbox to find the words, “Jumpsuit: your one piece dressing!” staring out at me. My initial thought was that I think it is a little presumptuous to use exclamatory punctuation about something that might actually zip up the front, but then I remembered how long it took me to pick out my outfit this morning and that I could have slept for 20 more minutes if I had the option of getting dressed in one piece. So now I am torn. Your thoughts?

Sarah: I can’t endorse a jumpsuit. Ever. Well, I take that back. I’ll happily support them on children under 10. No, actually, on children under 6. When it comes to adults wearing them they fall under the same category as jellies and pjs with footies in them.

Jenn: You know, now that you mention it, I think my attraction to the concept really has more to do with my subconscious desire for footie pajamas to become socially acceptable for adults. I don’t so much want to wear them with stilettos and aviators as is suggested in the email I received, so much as I want to wear it with slippers and a robe and perhaps a blanket draped over my shoulders. If fashion starts endorsing such a look, then perhaps I can finally get the President’s ear to tell him a little program I like to call “Federally Mandated Nap Time.”

Sarah: Uh huh. I blame the Snuggie for this kind of attitude.

Jenn: You might be right. Ask me again when the weather improves. Odds are, I’ll be embarrassed I ever said anything about jumpsuits to begin with, but you really can’t blame a girl on day five of cold, rainy blah. Now if you will excuse me, I need to change out the bag on my caffeine IV drip.

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