Jenn v. Sarah: Long Dress

Sarah’s thoughts:
So, I was checking out Tibi’s collection for fall and came across this dress that I really love. I can’t really decide why. It doesn’t look particularly fall-ish, which could be part of it because truth be told, I’m a bright colors and flowy fabrics kind of gal. (Reason #8973274 I love just about everything Tibi puts out.) It also looks very suitable for someone not interested it showing off the exact curve of her hips to the whole world; something that can’t be said for a lot of things on the rack or runways this fall. I have to wonder though if I really just like the model’s hair. Yes, that’s right. I’m falling for the “if you wear this, you will look like this model” ploy. Whatever the case, I want the dress. Oh, and also, I want her highlights.

Jenn responds:
I am just… I don’t know if… I just feel like… ugh! I can’t pin point it, but something about this dress makes me feel “eh”. I love the color, I covet the model’s flowing blond locks, but it’s just…. Wait! I know! It’s too much dress. That is what it is. I love LOVE dresses. More than any other article of clothing. I love that they are an instant outfit and they are so easy to wear – which is why I find this dress to be counterproductive. I feel like it would be hard to wear this dress without it wearing you. The long hem getting slammed into car doors and catching on your boot heel, the flowy sleeves accidentally dipping into your salad dressing or catching
your zipper when you reach in your purse. It’s a pretty picture, nice dress, it’s just too much dress for this shop talkin’ gal.