Jenn v. Sarah: Luxe Loungewear

Sarah’s thoughts:
About fourteen seconds after I get home from work at night I am wearing some form of pants with an elastic waistband, a T-shirt, and soft slippers. Several years ago I was given a pair of cashmere bedroom slippers that I would like to be buried in one day. They are that good. Those slippers got me to thinking: if cashmere feels good on my feet when I’m watching Friends re-runs with my dachshund being productive around my house in the evenings, then wouldn’t it be nice to have an entire luxury lounge wardrobe? Hopefully one with a lot of cashmere? These are the clothes in which I often spend my happiest hours. I feel totally justified in a splurge on this one, which is why on the top of my shopping list right now is this watermelon-colored terry dream from Juicy Couture ($125).

You can find this robe and other non-constrictive, soft things at Juicy
at SouthPark Mall or

Jenn Responds:

Don’t get me wrong, I love the feel of something soft against my skin as much as the next gal (this might be one of the reasons my cats run when they see me coming), but to me, cashmere is something the belongs in the closet, in a protective clothing bag, that I only remove on a special occasions. The thought of cramming cashmere sleepwear in to my bottom dresser drawer or putting directly on my dirty feet makes me want to weep. Also, why splurge on a robe when you can raid your dad, brother or boyfriend’s closet for a threadbare t-shirt that feels like gossamer and costs a big old $0. If you want to go a smidge more high end, nab two pairs of Sweetest Softest Socks from Bath and Body Works for $12.

(photo courtesy of Juicy Couture)

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