Jenn v. Sarah: Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace

Jenn’s thoughts:
Brace yourselves, readers. Because I love it. It’s kicky, it’s fun, it’s unexpected, it’s clever.

It’s perfect…if you happen to be an affluent, flirty teenager currently starring on a morally degrading CW show. Who else could possibly get away with wearing a piece of jewelry that is a giant label advertisement?

No one of normal financial means can wear this necklace. Why? Because you can’t wear a giant Marc by Marc name tag around your neck when the rest of your outfit comes from Forever 21. It’s just too weird. So if you are going to wear this necklace, then everything else you have on from the neck down needs to be as cool and label-conscious as Marc by Marc Jacobs OR BETTER. That is a high mark to reach for most teens (and again, ONLY teenagers should be trying to pull off a necklace like this), which means that unless can actually watch Gossip Girl and say “OMG, that is like, TOTALLY and EXACTLY what my life is like!” then this necklace is not for you. If that does apply to you, then I pity you, but I also envy you because this necklace is way cute.

Sarah responds:
I’ll be the first to admit that when I watch what Jenn refers to as “a morally degrading CW show,” I pretty much want every single thing the so-called teenagers on the show are wearing. Serena Van der Woodsen actually owns my dream wardrobe.

However, as much as I want to like this necklace, I just don’t. I think part of that comes from the fact that its not even Marc Jacobs. It’s Marc by Marc Jacobs. If you’re going to be flaunting your labels around your neck of all places, at least make sure they’re the top of the line. But the other reason I don’t like it is actually much more straightforward: It’s ugly.

I like my jewelry to be sparkly and shiny—and maybe have the occasional bauble attached. What I don’t like is for it to look like alphabet soup around my neck. So, while Jenn could be right and this chain could show up any day around the neck of one of my favorite teenage drama stars, I just can’t support this look.

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