Jenn v. Sarah: Missoni meets Converse

I think I like Missoni so much because it really hit its fashion peak in the 1960’s and 1970’s—two decades I missed entirely, but am forever trying to recreate in style. Plus, I just like colorful stuff and they’ve definitely got that going for them.

Jenn hates Missoni. Our differences of opinion on this matter became apparent on a shopping trip in H&M last year when I wanted to buy a shirt because it looked like Missoni and she said I should not buy said shirt for that precise reason. I believe she may have even thrown around the phrase “I will not be seen in public with you wearing that.” On the other hand, Jenn loves Chucks. She wears them with rolled up jeans and t-shirts and manages to pull of the hip and cool thing. If I wore them, I would look like I was trying too hard. Way too hard.

The question here is with the just announced collaboration of Missoni and Converse, have Jenn and I found our perfect middle ground? Or the worst fashion mistake of all time? These shoes are, of course, for a men’s line, which adds a whole new twist. A teeny, tiny part of me likes them. The shoes launch next spring. Maybe by then I will have decided how I feel about them.

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