Jenn v. Sarah: Ruffled Coat

Jenn’s thoughts:
You’ve already heard me wax poetic about this fall’s fluttery trend , but ever since I laid eyes on this wool Kimchi Blue ruffled pea coat with military style buttons ($138 at Urban Outfitters at SouthPark), I have found the need to dedicate a few more words of affectionate prose for this fabulously femme fashion detail.

Ruffles, ruffles you are so pretty.
To you I dedicate this little diddy.
You make all clothing look special, even a coat!
“Put ruffles on everything!” I want to quote.

Romantic and girly, your effect is so chic.

To the mall I will go, and ruffles I’ll seek.

Sarah responds:
Ok, so I wasn’t expecting to need to form a response to poetry, but apparently Jenn is so excited about ruffles she’s actually bursting into spontaneous song. And I can appreciate that. I once did that regarding a plate of cheese.

Anyway, back to the jacket. I want to like this jacket. I like the color and I like the military buttons. I do have some issues with cropping level because I like my coats with a little more length to them (you raise your arms on this one and you’ll be baring your mid section to the elements). But my real problem comes with ruffles on a jacket. When I purchase coats I like them to last more than one season and I have a strong suspicion that by winter of 2009, this guy would be tucked very deep in a corner of my closet. So, I suppose if $138 is worth it for one season, or if you plan on wearing ruffles indefinitely, or if, like Jenn, this jacket prompts you to poetry, then by all means, head over to Urban. I’ll envy your trendiness for the next few months.

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