Jessica Simpson Will Be All Over the Stadium

Expect to see actress/singer Jessica Simpson’s face at Bank of America Stadium tonight (Saturday). Actually, expect to see thousands of her faces as the Dallas Cowboys visit the Carolina Panthers. Cowboys’ notorious foot-in-mouth wide receiver Terrell Owens made remarks on a radio show early this week saying that Simpson’s presence at their game last Sunday was a distraction, causing her boyfriend and Cowboys QB Tony Romo to have the worst game of his career. So the Panthers organization is hoping to cause even more distraction at tonight’s game.  


Tens of thousands of cardboard cutouts of Simpson’s face will be distributed to fans entering the stadium. So if Romo looks up high enough, he’ll see his hot girlfriend everywhere. I know it would make it hard for me to concentrate.   


It’s great to see the Panthers bring this kind of excitement to tonight’s game. We all know the team itself hasn’t been exciting to watch this season. ESPN has been all over the story the past couple of days since the special giveaway was announced. So it’s nice to see the Panthers being highlighted on SportsCenter this late in the season—even if it isn’t related to the team’s play.