Jet-setting Yogi

Chris Edwards

One might not equate a transcendental lifestyle as a yoga instructor with being an international jet-setter, but Sarah Faircloth is racking up frequent flier miles as an in-demand yogi. Faircloth, thirty-six, the owner of Dilworth’s Sangati Healing Arts, travels around the world (most recently Paris, Geneva, and Hawaii) to teach the anusara yoga style, which focuses on alignment and philosophy. "When a studio invites an outside teacher it is to help everybody in the community deepen in their practice," says Faircloth, who is revered not only for her experience and training, but also for her knowledge of the anusara philosophy and innovative, creative approach to teaching. Though she soon jets off to Atlanta, you’ll find her teaching at the Second Annual Yoga Jam at DoubleTree Hotel and Conference Center in SouthPark on March 6.

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