Jordan Anderson Extra

View "A Day in the Life of Jordan Anderson " from the May 2009 issue of Charlotte magazine.

How did you get involved with NASCAR?

My parents bought me a go-kart when I was four, and I started racing it when I was seven. I just got into it, had a passion for it. I played a lot with Hot Wheels.

You're incredibly ambitious. What kind of goals do you have right now?

I've been talking a lot with Humpy Wheeler [the former President and General Manager of Lowe's Motor Speedway] about my goals. He's a role model for me. I want to be in a Sprint Cup car by the time I'm twenty-one.  

And you own your own business, too, right?

[It's] called JAR Media and Graphic Design in 2007. My website,, has gotten over 300,000 hits. When I started my website was just photos. I was thirteen years old. Now I design websites and logos for other people.  

Impressive. So what kind of clients do you have?

Laughs. I'm just about to make a website for this little five-year-old girl who does cheerleading and dance.  

Do you have a favorite driver?

My big hero growing up has been Jeff Gordon. He's not just a great driver, he's a business savvy driver. He's great on and off the track.

What do you do in your free time? Hang out with friends? Play video games?

I have this [video game], I don't know if you've heard of it, rFactor. It helps getting used to tracks. You can race against guys all over the place, live. I get wrecked all the time in that game, I don't know why. At least it's just a video game, and you can reset.

Have you ever gotten hurt in a wreck?

I did break my wrist in Las Vegas in 2004 when the wheel jerked. Some of the drivers say I'm an aggressive driver. That may be true. I think there's no point in doing it, you can't win unless you're aggressive.

Good point. Do you have a dream car?

A Sprint Cup car.

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