July Letters

Judged by a Cover
Finally, an outstanding cover for an outstanding magazine. For more than four months you have been boring me silly with magazine covers showing food, real estate, and interior design. But alas, then came your May 2007 Best Of the Best issue featuring a well-dressed Brooklyn Decker. Well-done people. I’m sure your staff photographer Chris Edwards is energized again. A good cover doesn’t necessarily have to include a female model, but it’s way better than a cover shot of a hammock on a porch.
Doug Cobb

You Got It B.O.B.
Thank you very much for choosing winestore as the Best place to buy wine in this year’s B.O.B. Awards. We are very honored by the award and thankful that the Charlotte community and your publication have received our concept for wine buying in such a positive fashion. We’ve already started reaping the benefits of the award with many new customers visiting the store based solely on the B.O.B. issue.
Keith Messick
Co-founder, winestore

Wrong Dean
I enjoyed reading Sam Boykin’s article on Phil Dubois and UNCC (“Big Man on Campus”). It’s a nice primer for a well-deserved topic. As an alumni of the college of architecture, however, I noticed one error in the piece. The Dean of the College of Architecture was cited as David Walters, which is incorrect. Ken Lambla currently holds that position (and has since 2002). Both gentlemen are very well qualified to comment on the subject of the article, but I think this small blunder may be worth mentioning.
Zack Alsentzer
UNCC alumni 2000

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