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Lipsticks to last the wedding day

When it comes to wedding day makeup, a trial run (or two) with your designated artist is, of course, an essential in the planning process. And while the key to all products is longevity (what bride doesn't want to look fresh faced from 'I do' to last dance?), your makeup expert will have a solid handle on how to match your skin and what hues best compliment your eyes. For your lips however, it's always a good idea to have your own choice on hand. No matter the rating, lip color will inevitably need to be retouched before the night's end, and it's best to have your favorite color stashed away in your wedding day clutch for precisely that. So after a day of testing and a couple of personal go-tos to be included, we've made a list of our favorite brands and formulas for the job. ONE/TWO/THREE/FOUR/FIVE

{top photo, lip color application photo}

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