KK Bloom's Earring Wall

KK Bloom
KK Bloom's earring wall, full of fresh Mere

It's funny how valuable a personal fashion crisis can be. OK, in the moment, it's not so fun (yep, I realize fashion crises are relative in the real world of problems), but they're incredible opportunities for the best fashion solutions. Tonight, as I was packing my bags for a wedding in Houston this weekend, I decided I didn't have earrings that would do my beloved new dress justice. Because I can't just stop my life to go shopping on a workday tomorrow, and I fly out in the evening, I had to think fast. It hit me, without question: KK Bloom's famous earring wall. I know that when I stop by this Selwyn boutique tomorrow, I won't find the perfect pair of earrings, I'll actually find several perfect pairs that will lead to another fashion crisis: the final decision.

The beauty of it all is that the earrings I pick will likely be locally-made (the shop carries several local lines, like Towne & Reese and Mere), they'll be ornate, colorful, and out-of-the-ordinary, and they won't hurl me into debt (most are priced from $35 and up). Maybe you were experiencing the same "crisis" tonight (?). If so, you're welcome for this brilliant solution.


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