Last Minute Holiday Shopping: Part I

We are down to the wire, people. Thankfully, our local shops know it, and they're doing their best to help us when it comes to getting those last few things before Christmas morning (or before the next candle on the Menorah is lit). Today it was Lavendar Boutique's denim and shoes sale, and tomorrow it's Luna's last minute 2-day sale. They're offering an extra 30 percent off of all sale items, which already includes designer jeans for $75 and under. I was in the shop yesterday, and I assure you, there's plenty of good stuff left on the shelves–jewelry, jeans, dresses, sweaters, scarves, and handbags.

In case there are any men out there who follow this blog (you like me, you really like me!)–which, by the way, you should–I have three last minute gift ideas for the ladies in your life, at all different price points:

$$$-Hunter Rain Boots (they have quick-dry lining and come in a wedge heel or the original flat heel in tons of spunky colors) *Available at Nordstrom, Bevello, Monkee's or at Hunter online for around $125-160

$$-$$$-a La Mer Watch (they wrap around your wrist and are available in plain leather or printed leather, with gold stud or chain accents, square or round faces)* Available at Luna , KK Bloom, or La Mer online for around $88-150

$$-an Infinity Scarf (they loop continously and dont have two ends like a regular scarf) *Available at Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom (among lots of other places) for around $25

$$-aJonathan Adler BlackBerry or iPhone Cover (they come in bright, cheery prints and protect your phone at the same time) *Available at Paper Skyscraper and Bevello for around $25

Luna: 6809 Phillips Place Ct, Ste. B; 704-554-6000

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