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In this month's letters: the government's role in the financial meltdown? And a plea for more smart architecture criticism.

Guilt by Omission
Just finished scanning the "Guilt by Association" story in the last edition of Charlotte magazine. I am wondering why there was no mention of government intervention in a stable market anywhere in the story as a cause for the financial meltdown. Is the writer familiar with the long story starting with the Community Reinvestment Act, then the forcing of banks to lend to people who could not afford a home? How about the repeated attempts to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that were shot down by congressional Democrats? Personally, I am tired of hearing one side of the story, and I am losing respect for those who can't admit that government greed might be a problem in this country. The gross omission ought to warrant a correction. Thanks for letting me share this with you. Great magazine.
Shawn Overcash

Refreshing Design
Richard Maschal's essay and architectural critique "Gone Blue" is such a refreshing way to help us appreciate this New City of the South ("The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly"). He brings together fashion, function, and availability of raw materials in a way that helps us understand design. We'd love to see Maschal make regular contributions to Charlotte magazine just as The Skyline columns appear in The New Yorker.
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For the Record
In our May issue we incorrectly listed the address and phone number for Beaux Belly and the address for Sleepy Poet Stuff. The correct address and phone number for Beaux Belly is Specialty Shops on the Park, 6401 Morrison Boulevard, Suite 4, 704-366-9007. The correct address for Sleepy Poet Stuff is 4450 South Boulevard. We regret the errors.

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On June 14, an NBA team will select Davidson's Stephen Curry as its number-one draft pick. "See Stephen Go," a Web exclusive by Michael Kruse, takes an inside look at Curry's decision to turn pro. It was an agonizingly difficult decision, but not for the reasons you might think.


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