Life Lessons From a Food Truck

Larry Swayne, founder of Wingzza food truck, teaches us polar-vortex perseverance

Tuesday’s lesson is one of perseverance. Learning to stick with things despite trying times. Getting going when the going gets tough. Finding a way to get to work when your office is a truck and it won’t start because it’s the coldest morning on record since 1994.

Enter Larry Swayne, founder of Wingzza food truck (@WingzzaTruck). Larry started polar-vortex Tuesday with a great attitude:

Larry's going to have a great day.

Note the final hashtag. If there’s one thing people want when it’s below 10 degrees outside in Charlotte, it’s comfort food. If there are two things people want when it's below 10 degrees outside in Charlotte, it's comfort food delivered to them in a functioning truck. This is where Larry's day gets a little less bright:

Larry gets frustrated.

Wait, you'll see us next week? Larry, no, don't start to sink into the Swamp of Sadness! Others in your industry, other four-wheel enterprises, have had the same troubles today:

Others are having a bad day like Larry.

But you persevere! You're Larry, from Wingzza with two Zs!

Later, Larry tells me all he had to do was hook some jumper cables up to his Ford and work at it for a bit. Finally, he was able to get back to what he was put on this earth to do: Slang them thangs.

Never give up. Slang 'em!

Larry's lesson for today: "The world is full of winners and quitters, which one are you?" Think about it.