Light Factory Suspends Operations

News won't affect conference plans

The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film has temporarily suspended operations, according to a release on its website. The museum is slated to host a reception and workshops for the Society for Photographic Education's 2013 Southeast Regional Conference in Charlotte. After reaching out to board chair Jeff Wise, the Revue blog has learned that at this time, those plans are unaffected. Read the museum's full release below. 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film, located at Spirit Square, is temporarily suspending its operations effective Monday, October 7.  The 41-year-old organization is one of only four museums in the U.S that focuses solely on photography and film.  As the broader non-profit community has struggled to maintain funding support, The Light Factory also has experienced a decline in funding, including both contributed and earned revenue, of almost 30 percent over the past three years.

“Suspending operations was a very hard and difficult decision to make, and we had to do what is in the best interest of the organization,” said Light Factory Board Chair Jeff Wise. “We have been going through a strategic planning process to determine the best operating model for the organization, but the reality is that we just didn’t have the cash flow necessary to keep the operations going while we evaluate our options and determine a viable, sustainable solution.”

The Light Factory’s board of directors is working proactively to find solutions to the financial challenges, including possible mergers or partnerships with other organizations.  “Our hope is to find a solution that will allow The Light Factory’s mission to continue,” said Wise. 

To support The Light Factory’s strategic transformation process, Foundation For The Carolina’s has offered funding from its Community Catalyst Program, which enables nonprofits to reposition themselves to meet a future characterized by increased demands for services and diminished funding.  This support will be a critical component of the process, helping The Light Factory to identify the best path to continue fulfilling its mission.

The Light Factory promotes the power of image by informing, challenging, and stimulating audiences through photography, film and other light-based media. The Light Factory has been a vibrant part of the community for many years and was the first cultural institution in Charlotte to provide exhibitions, programming and education in photography.

The Light Factory was founded in 1972 as a Photographers' Cooperative whose goal was to nurture a growing community of emerging artist-photographers and increase appreciation for photography as an art form. Since the beginning, The Light Factory has served as a haven for artists to express new ideas through photography and filmmaking as well as support cutting-edge art.

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