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A Guide To Being Best Man

Though your beloved may think choosing a best man means choosing his right-hand party partner, the title should be given to the friend who was there through it all. The best man should be thoughtful, mature and ready to take on the role wholeheartedly and seriously. To avoid crickets chirping during a reception speech or a Hangover-esque bachelor trip, first, choose a worthy and willing friend or family member. Then, share this checklist with him. 

Wardrobe Woes. As much as you detest the act of shopping, so does the groom. Accompany him in choosing suits for the bunch. Then go for a beer together after you've finished. Be sure to relay all pertinent information to the rest of the groomsmen such as store location, fittings, etc. 

Out-of-Towners. It's your job to make sure all the non-local groomsmen have hotel accommodations for the wedding weekend. Make the traveling process as easy as possible for these guys. 

Gift Worthy. Choose a gift for the groom from his men to be given during the bachelor weekend/party. You may all go in on this gift together. 

Party, Party. You'll be in charge of planning the bachelor party, be it a weekend or a night. But seriously, this isn't a spring break, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of weekend. From invite list to dinner reservations, plan it all out. If you need help staying organized, enlist a woman. 

Domino Effect. Keep all the groomsmen aware of important dates. This will include showers, parties, wedding day photos, and more. Link up with the maid of honor to stay in the loop for events she may be planning. 

Practice Makes Perfect. When attending the wedding rehearsal, be sure all the groomsmen pay attention. The act and order are simple–so long as people are paying attention. Keep the guys in check. 

Where's My Chauffeur? Drive the groom to the wedding venue. Be sure to leave in plenty of time and arrive a few minutes before your scheduled arrival time. 

Pin It. Hand out all the boutonnieres and help groomsmen in pinning them to the lapel should they need it. Lucky for you, we have a tutorial

Right-Hand Man. Stand next to the groom before the ceremony begins. You'll also be holding the bride's ring until the ceremony exchange in lieu of a ring bearer. Triple check pockets for holes. 

Speak Now. Deliver a speech that's short but sweet during the reception. Keep it under 2 minutes and keep the focus on the groom and the love you've witnessed between the newlyweds. 

Discretion. Remember that time in college? Keep it there. Save those stories for the bachelor weekend. Don't make the groom relive that moment during the rehearsal dinner or reception. It's inappropriate and will garner more sighs than laughs. 

Delivery Man. You will give the officiant an envelope containing his fee following the ceremony. 

First Witness. You'll serve as a witness during the signing of the marriage license. 

Just Dance. Be sure to dance with the bride and maid of honor during the reception. It's tradition. 

Grand Getaway. Deck out the couple's exit transportation. You can enlist the groomsmen and bridesmaids for this activity. Be sure to get this done in plenty of time!

Envelope Master. Work with the maid of honor to collect all gift envelopes. You may be asked to deposit checks into their account or simply to hold onto them until their return from the honeymoon. Whatever you're asked to do, be sure to follow through and do it. 

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