Lingerie Party Plight

Alluring options for the modest shopper

Unabashedly prim and proper, you can imagine my delight upon receiving a query from someone attending a lingerie-themed bridal shower who wished to forego sultry lingerie for her gift of choice. Thankfully, my {and her} preconceived notions on the matter dovetail perfectly with proper party etiquette. Lingerie showers encompass a multitude of gift options. No need to limit yourself to just bras and panties. Underpinnings are one of the most personal items a girl can buy. And rest assured, she will do her fair share of shopping the underpinnings department before the big day arrives. Feel absolutely free to pick up one of these other equally divine pretty little things below for the occasion. 

It's A Wrap. Try a classic satin robe in ivory or blush. Make it personal with a script monogram embroidered on the front in light blue. 

Shorts Story. A cheeky shorts and cami set makes a fantastic option for the lingerie shower. Go for pastel with a lace trim or a delicate print like polka dots. 

What A Doll. A baby doll slip in a silk cotton blend is still in keeping with the notion of modesty–hence the cotton blend, and is bound to get plenty of use by the bride. Coral or lavender are surprisingly sweet options. 

Island Find. Destination wedding? Tropical honeymoon on the books? Opt for a swimsuit she can take on the trip. 

Outside The Box. No doubt she'll be getting plenty of underpinnings from other shower attendees. Find a silk delicates bag and have her initials monogrammed on its front. Then fill the bag with sachets, bath salts and maybe a mini bottle of delicates laundry detergent. 

Boudoir photo: Kristin Vining; Watercolor: Stefanie Merullo