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Anthony Montoya

Charlotte, NC
Category: Health & Beauty
Award: Best Nutritionist/Diet Coach
Year Won: 2010
Pick: Editor's Pick

We all have our nutritional battles to fight. No matter what your challenge, certified nutritionist Anthony Montoya is ready to help you take it on. His roster of clients includes performance athletes looking to achieve single-digit body fat, chronically overweight clients looking to improve their lives and health, and folks just looking to shed a few pounds or kick an addiction to sugary treats. He offers unlimited phone and e-mail contact to all of his clients so they can call with menu questions or to let him know how pumped they are that they just purchased a smaller pair of jeans (those calls are his favorite). Fees range from $100 for a ninety-minute consult to $600 for multiweek programs with continuous assessments, custom menu plans, and unlimited follow-up.