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Beth Soloman

Charles Grayson Salon & Spa, 6401 Morrison Blvd.. Ste. 4B Charlotte, NC 28211
Category: Health & Beauty
Award: Best Waxer 2010 and 2011
Year Won: 2010, 2011
Pick: Editor's Pick

This is Beth Soloman’s fifth year winning Best Waxer, and we swear it’s not because she has incriminating photos of us in our worst pair of underwear—though she’s definitely seen them. In fact, she’s seen it all. And the fact that we continue to swallow our shame and go back to Soloman for more is proof positive that when it comes to ripping and pulling and plucking, she does it better than anyone else. She’s friendly, efficient, gentle, meticulous, and, of course, completely nonjudgmental when we’ve gone too long without a little maintenance on our legs, eyebrows, or bikini line.