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Brad Panovich

Category: Personalities
Award: Enthusiastic Weather Forecaster
Year Won: 2015
Pick: Editor's Pick

One day in late February, a storm approached Charlotte. We were, as we often are, on the line between snow and rain. WCNC meteorologist Brad Panovich went into overdrive. He broadcast a nine-minute YouTube update from his home, sent out dozens of tweets to his nearly 33,000 followers, and then went to the studio. He saw models that predicted the snow line would move farther to the south, and he aired a graphic that showed potential snowfall of between seven and 10 inches. Of course, you know what happened next. The forecast turned, the line moved north, and after a flaky evening, rain moved in and ruined things. We got less than two inches. Panovich apologized. He answered messages from angry snow-lovers, and he made no excuses. He explained the science behind what happened, and then he tweeted, “That wasn’t rain last night to the South, it was Meteorologist Tears.” And people responded: Don’t worry, Brad. You’re still our guy.