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Cam Newton

Category: Personalities
Award: Best Athlete - 2016
Best Athlete (Voters' Choice) - 2019
Year Won: 2016, 2019,
Pick: Editor's Pick, Voters' Pick

He’s not a normal human being. He jumps and does a front flip over the heads of six-plus-foot tall NFL defensive backs. He slings passes at speeds we can’t fathom. He’s one of only a few dozen people in history to be able to call himself an NFL MVP. He led the Panthers to a 15-1 season. He became the target of criticism from people around the country this year—he’s too brash, they’d say—and he handled it all with that perfect, pearly smile. He hands footballs to children when he scores. He showed us how to dab—ALL of us, from 90-something grandmothers to City Council members to the Charlotte Ballet. He took us to the Super Bowl. So we not only forgive him for being confident enough to do a Superman pose, we love him for it. Because he just might be.