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Champagne and Rose Scrub at Voci Spa

7808 Rea Rd., Charlotte, NC 28277
Category: Health & Beauty
Award: Best Body Treatment
Year Won: 2010
Pick: Editor's Pick

The downside of some spa wraps and scrubs is that the effect of the treatment is lost after the two showers it takes to get all the mud/oil/seaweed off and feel clean again. That’s why we love the effervescence of the Champagne and Rose Scrub at Voci Spa. The bubbly grapes are used during an intense exfoliation that infuses skin with antioxidants. Rose essence and shea butter (which is luxuriously applied after the scrub) can undo even the worst dryness. Best of all, after this $100 scrub you’ll feel so smooth and smell so yummy you may not want to shower for days.