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McMillan Greenhouse at UNCC Botanical Gardens

9090 Craver Rd., Charlotte, NC
Category: Recreation
Award: Bset Reason to Make the Trip to UNCC
Year Won: 2015
Pick: Editor's Pick

Inside McMillan Greenhouse at UNCC Botanical Gardens is a balmy oasis. The gardens, which include the Susie Harwood Garden, Van Landingham Glen, and the greenhouse, were started in 1966 as a living classroom for students. Now we all benefit. The greenhouse shows plant diversity, with exotic species from all over the world. The Titan Arum plant, from the jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia, is named Bella and only blooms for a few days every three to five years. The orchid collection, which peaks in the winter, and the carnivorous plants, Venus flytraps and pitcher plants, are visitor favorites.