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Montford Drive

Charlotte, NC
Category: Nightlife/Play
Award: Best Nightlife Neighborhood - 2014, Best Neighborhood - 2016
Year Won: 2014, 2016,
Pick: Editor's Pick

When Park Road Shopping Center opened in 1956, it was technically 100 feet outside the Charlotte city limits. It was in the country. Today, the shopping center is at the center of a sizzling neighborhood. A new developer purchased the property in 2011 and has slowly given it a makeover while keeping some of that old charm. Blackhawk Hardware and Park Road Books are still here, but in 2015 they were joined by popular salad chain Chopt and growing pan-Asian chain CO. All around the shopping center, new apartments rise and houses sell within hours of going on the market. And people who live in those houses and apartments now talk regularly about giving the area a new name, one that honors yesterday but captures the excitement of tomorrow.