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Step by Sloan's

1419 East Blvd., Ste. M, Charlotte, NC 28203
Category: Shopping
Award: Best Shop Pet
Year Won: 2010
Pick: Editor's Pick

Sure, we love a skilled salesperson with a spunky personality and a great sense of style, but we especially love one who will greet us on four legs with a wagging tail and a few wet kisses. If you’re searching for a pair of sky-high boots, you might miss Step by Sloan’s smallest salesman, a little dachshund named Spike. When he’s not scampering alongside Step’s shoe guru and his owner, Dan Mauney, Spike strolls the floor, taking inventory of the chic selection of women’s shoes. But don’t worry: when it comes to chewing, Spike prefers his squeaky toys to Pella Moda pumps.