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Straight Stitch & Co.

601 S. Cedar St. Ste. 205E, Charlotte, NC
Category: Shopping
Award: Best Locally Made Jeans for Men
Year Won: 2015
Pick: Editor's Pick

South Cedar, an unassuming street shadowed by Bank of America Stadium, has long been a haven for the city’s design community. It’s a suitable place for Stan Fraser, who turns out classy, hand-sewn jeans for men using mostly selvedge denim, made on a shuttle loom with a finished edge—making a “self-edge” or “selvedge” denim. Amid rustic walls, jars of buttons, rolls of fabric, and chalkboards displaying prices, Fraser sews and sells ready-made or bespoke jeans. Prices are lower than what you’d expect for something so labor-intensive: ready-to-wear jeans for less than $200 and custom starting at $299.