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The Liberty Gastropub

1812 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28203
Category: Food
Award: Best Use of Swine
Year Won: 2010
Pick: Editor's Pick

Charlotteans can’t seem to get enough pork — whether it’s sweet fruits wrapped in prosciutto at upscale eateries or good, old-fashioned barbecue sandwiches served with a side of fries. The Liberty Gastropub, though, has taken a love of the tender meat to new heights with The Lucky Pig ($18), a large plate of warm, slow-roasted black Berkshire pork shoulder served with crepes, pickled pineapple, spicy peanuts, jalapeño peppers, and lettuce. Diners dig in with their hands to wrap the meat and toppings in one of the light crepes. It’s innovative (spicy peanuts in a crepe with pork?) and — dare we say it? — puts some of those barbecue sandwiches to shame. The menu changes daily so call ahead to make sure The Lucky Pig is being served.