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General Dentistry

Craig W. Murray

6406 Carmel Road, Suite 306 Charlotte, NC 28226
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A great looking smile can be your most powerful asset, opening up many doors and changing your life.

Patients choose Dr. Harold Sturner and Dr. Craig Murray because of their talents in performing preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. It is Dr. Sturner and Dr. Murrayäó»s abiding love for what they do and their inherent integrity that ensure patients walk away with smiles that can make an impact on their lives and are made to last.

An unyielding commitment to exceptional dentistry is at the core of the practiceäó»s philosophyäóîa level of excellence that is recognized by patients. Of 289 patient reviews on the practiceäó»s website (sturnermurraydds.com), 279 give the practice the highest grade (five stars)äóîand 100 percent say they would refer family and friends.

That approval rating reflects the doctorsäó» thorough care for their patients, who often express surprise at the extensive time Dr. Sturner and Dr. Murray spend on exams. Unlike the typical practice, the doctors make sure patients have a complete understanding of the treatment process from beginning to end. Dr. Sturner acts as a äóìquarterbackäó to ensure all concerns of every patient are addressed.

Patient testimonials describe the doctors as thoughtful, genuine, and gentle. They build relationships with patients that are founded on trust and consideration. äóìDr. Murray has a great balance of taking time with you as a person, making sure you are comfortable, and providing excellent dental craftsmanship,äó a recent testimonial says.

Another testimonial says, äóìDr. Sturneräó»s impeccable work makes me proud to finally show off my smile.äó

The dedicated doctors and team members at Sturner and Murray General & Cosmetic Dentistry couldnäó»t be more proud to provide a great looking smile, a powerful asset to be sure.

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