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General Dentistry

Lineberger Orthodontics

347 N. Caswell Road, Charlotte, NC
Years Won: 2017

Matt Lineberger, DDS, MS

Megan Lineberger, DDS, MS

The tagline for Lineberger Orthodontics is äóìSmile Onäóäóîand thatäó»s precisely what their patients do with confidence. Itäó»s the mission of Drs. Matt and Megan Lineberger and their team to provide stunning smiles while offering the most advanced and caring orthodontic experience.

The Linebergers practice innovative treatŒ_ment in two state-of-the-art facilitiesäóîtheir Huntersville office and their recently opened office in the Elizabeth neighborhood. Their goal for both locations is to guarantee that their patientsäó» battles against äóìcrookedäó is as pleasant and efficient as possible. The practice offers the advantage of a board-certified husband-and-wife team along with two highly skilled associates who provide four experienced sets of eyes and minds to come up with a careful and thoughtful customized treatment plan.

The Linebergersäó» cutting-edge care includes multiple digital scanners in each office that capture teeth in three dimensions. This technology not only makes Lineberger Orthodontics an äóìimpressionlessäó practice, but also allows patients to see their enhanced smile before treatment even begins.

Treatment plans are digitally customized to your specific facial characteristics and smile. Invisalign aligners or Damon braces, chosen by you, are used to execute the smile enhanceŒ_ment. The doctors are proud that Lineberger Orthodontics has been the leading orthodontic Invisalign practice in Charlotte the past two years and has recently been give the distinguished designation as a Top 1% Elite practice.

A comfortable, interactive waiting roomäóîcomplete with massage chairs, iPads, a Starbucks coffee machine, 5-foot Jenga, the Smile Slide (a more efficient option than taking the stairs, it can hold up to 450 pounds), Apple TVs above every patient chair, and, most important, fresh baked cookiesäóîis another example of the practiceäó»s commitment to stellar patient service. The Linebergersäóîa family of five (Mason, 6, Mia, 4, and Millie, 18 months), plus their English bulldog, Steakäóîcontinue to strive to be community- and philanthropy-centered while making orthodontics a possibility for all.

äóìWhether itäó»s a good day or a bad day,äó Dr. Megan says, äóìwe want to give our patients that spectacular grin that allows them to pick their head up and äóÖSmile Onäó»äóîno matter what life throws at them.äó

Cosmetic?: No