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Sturner Dentistry

6406 Carmel Road, Ste. 306, Charlotte, NC 28266

With advanced training in complex restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery, Dr. Harold Sturner knows exactly what it takes to deliver the best care possible to his patients. He and his team of caring, dedicated professionals provide perfect smiles to patients every day.


Respected, trusted, and highly skilled, Dr. Sturner has been voted a “Top Dentist” by his peers via Charlottemagazine for nine consecutive years. Attaining this level of consistent excellence reflects the goal of Sturner Dentistry to exceed expectations through personalized care.


Dr. Sturner builds relationships with patients founded on trust and respect. That trust is built through consistent, superb dentistry and individualized service. Dr. Sturner’s dedication to his patients is reflected in his personalized, concierge level of service, which includes making himself available to his patients 24/7.


With his comprehensive yet conservative approach, Dr. Sturner focuses on the complete health of his patients. Their dental and overall health are given careful consideration in the unique treatment plan created for each. With Dr. Sturner’s emphasis on holistic care, his practice monitors the blood pressure of every patient.


The practice offers the most advanced equipment at its state-of the-art office in south Charlotte, including portable digital X-rays and laser services. Not only does Sturner Dentistry deliver the highest quality care, the practice provides the greatest comfort and convenience. The office welcomes the entire family in one visit, saving time for busy lives. As a bonus, you are likely to get a good laugh during your visit. Everyone at the office has a sense of humor, which complements their dedication to your comfort and health.


Dr. Sturner combines his advanced dental skills with exceptional artistic skill and craftsmanship. He’s adept at delivering beautiful results in the most complicated cosmetic cases. “Dr. Sturner’s impeccable work makes me proud to finally show off my smile,” a patient review says

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