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Living Room Registry Necessities

With the kitchen and bedroom complete, it's time to move on to the living room. Given that a great deal of time will likely be spent in this room, this is where you'll register for the investment pieces. Registries create the perfect opportunity to start your collection of quality furniture pieces that you can hold onto for years. Though you may think sofas, upholstered chairs and such items are too pricey to add to the list, think again. Friends and family will often band together to purchase one large item together. So let's get started.

1. Sitting Pretty 

Hickory Elliott Wing Chair, Brock Moran (704) 341-6264

2. Geometry Lesson

Bluestone Velvet Gate Pillow, $265.00, B.D. Jeffries (704) 364-4004

3. Nesting Place

Belen White Horn Nesting Tables, $975.00, B.D. Jeffries

4. Keep Warm

Herringbone Throws, $240.00 each, B.D. Jeffries

5. Better in Leather

Oly Stitched Leather Frames, Brock Moran 

6. Neutral Ground

Henry Sofa, $799.00, West Elm (704) 333-0642

7. Golden Age

Isabella Sanford Teardrop Lamp, $372.00, Isabella (704) 377-4919

8. Drift Away

Leward Mirror, $490.00, B.D. Jeffries

9. Crystal Clear

Simon Pearce Pomfret Candlesticks, $108.00 each, B.D. Jeffries


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